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Affordable Computer Repair for Home and Small Business


We charge a flat rate of $60.00 for most work. We'll let you know up front if the charge might be different.

Services We Offer:

Install or Reinstall: $60.00 plus the cost of your operating system
Reinstall with Backup: $60.00 plus the cost of storage and your operating system

If you have the disk that came with your computer for the operating system, or if you've already purchased one, we can use that instead of buying a new one.

Operating System Reinstall/Install

What is an Operating System

To start, we have to define what an operating system is. An operating system is the main software that your computer runs off of. It's Windows, Linux, or Mac at the lowest level. Everything else you want to do runs inside of it, browsing the internet, writing an email, or playing games.


When we install an operating system we take a brand new operating system (different than what you already have) and put a new one on. Let's say you've got a brand new computer and you don't like how everything looks and feels. You miss the operating system you used to have. Most cases, we'll be able to install that old operating system and get things back to how you liked them.
There is a cost associated with this, however. An operating system is licensed software, so a license key has to be purchased in order for us to install it


An operating system reinstall is a little different than an install. Instead of taking a brand new operating system, we take the one you have on your computer already, and put a fresh copy of it on. This is a good idea to do every year or so, just to keep your system clean and running smooth.
Now you may wonder, well if this is what I need to do to keep my computer running smooth, then what do you have a PC Tuneup for? Well, an operating reinstall gets rid of everything that's been done to it since it was purchased (not including anything done to the hardware) and takes it back to new, just like it came from the factory. A tuneup only cleans up a portion of what has been done.

PC Tune-UP

PC Tuneup

A PC Tuneup can clean your system up quite a bit, and make it run faster in most cases.

      What we do

    • Remove unwanted software

We'll go through and tell you the software we think isn't necessary. Things like toolbars, if you've got more than one antivirus, or multiple programs that do the same things. Then the ones you don't use, we'll take off.

    • Install any updates

Over time the companies that made the hardware for your computer will release updates for their products. We'll make sure your antivirus is up to date, and possibly recommend using a different one (we have free and paid options that we install at cost).

    • Clean up the system

We'll go through and remove old system files that aren't in use, and run a few utilities that usually clean up and optimize the computer


Data -Backup

$60.00 Plus cost of storage

Computer Backup

When we perform a computer backup, we take all your files on the computer and back them up. We'll go through and grab pictures, music, documents, a few of your settings, and anything else you want us to. This means if anything happens to your computer and your data isn't recoverable, that you've got a backup of your data.
We don't usually backup any programs, or many system settings, but if you have a special requirement, let us know.

Computer Wipe

Computer Wipe

When we wipe your computer we follow (fairly closely, but not exactly) DoD specifications for wiping a drive. This means that your data is destroyed and not recoverable. This is not a guarantee, however. If someone wanted to spend 10's of thousands of dollars, they could probably get data out of your hard drive.
That being said, we also offer physical hard drive destruction that will make your data inaccessible.


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