Computer repairs shouldn’t cost so much.

Simple, right? And yet, so often these days when something happens to our computers, we’re told that it would be cheaper to buy a new one than to repair it. We think that is nonsense. We think this kind of planned obsolescence is crazy talk. We don’t want to make new computers more expensive, we want to make computer repair less expensive.

That’s why I started a computer repair shop—to provide homes and small businesses with the kind of IT service that is necessary in the 21st century without costing more than new equipment. None of us have extra money lying around and if you’re running a small business, you don’t usually have the time to move all your data over to a new computer and adjust to a new system. Not when keeping the old one going is a reasonable option.

We offer three kinds of service—in our shop, in your home or office, and remote assistance. Which one is appropriate for your needs depends on the nature of your computer problem. Many of the most common issues—malware, viruses, adware, tune-ups, and upgrades can be handled remotely and anything that can be handled remotely is going to be quicker and cheaper than a service call.

Of course, some things require a service call. Sometimes the physical parts of your computer fail and the only way to fix the problem is to replace the part. We know you want as little downtime as possible—when you’re running a business, downtime translates directly into lost time and time, of course, is money. When a service call is necessary, we’ll get there on time, diagnose the problem, and tell you what it will take to fix it. If you decide to go ahead with the fix, we’ll get whatever parts are necessary, show up on time, and get the job done right the first time.

We rely on these machines for everything from keeping up with our favorite TV shows to running our businesses. When they slow down or fail, we can’t live our lives the way we should. It’s bad enough when we’re missing out on a TV show or a ballgame, but when it’s your business, a malfunctioning piece of technology will cost you money.

Small businesses have enough problems. It’s true that in some cases, technology allows small companies to compete on a global scale with the biggest names in their industry, but at the same time, the biggest businesses have the resources to not just utilize technology, but to have an in house IT department that ensures the technology they use will be up and running when they go to use it.

Small businesses don’t often have that luxury. Small businesses are often running on the thinnest possible margins. Imagine for a moment that a small business loses its phone service for a week. The effect would be dramatic. It’s not overstating things to suggest that the company might not survive. The same is true with computers. If you can’t send invoices to clients, you aren’t going to get paid.

We understand all this. We’re a small business, too. We know that keeping your technology running is absolutely vital to keeping your business running. That’s why we pledge to be there—on the phone or in person—when we say we’ll be there. And that’s why we pledge to get done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

That’s also why we offer tune-up services. A technological slowdown can be just as disastrous as a complete shutdown, but technology that slows down is often simply a result of common use. Your computers are constantly saving and replacing temporary files, device drivers, and other assorted bits of code that help everything work. The problem is that when these things get replaced, the old file doesn’t necessarily go anywhere. In addition, even with normal use, your computers can be subjected to third party software that isn’t a virus and doesn’t really have a malicious intent, but which uses system resources for something you don’t care about. Our tune-up will get rid of these nuisances and get your machine back to working the way it was meant to.

Of course, not all slowdowns are the result of nuisance software. Sometimes your machine is running slow because it’s not fully equipped to run the software you need to run. If your computer is on the old side, it might not have the memory required to run some of today’s massive software packages. Sometimes this means it’s time to replace your equipment, but not always. Most computers are upgradeable. It’s relatively simple to crack open the case and add more memory. More memory means your computer can work harder. More memory means your computer is going to work faster.

We depend on these machines and above all else, we just want them to work. They’re supposed to make our lives better, not just give us something else to worry about. When your computer is starting to be more trouble than you want, call us. We’ll put things right for a price that won’t break the bank.