Need Help with Your Computer?

Arctic IT Solutions offers three Computer repair service options to fit your time and budget needs. We are ready to solve all of your home and business computer hardware, software, network and internet related issues.

1. OnLine Computer Repair: You will be amazed at the benefits and convenience of OnLine computer repair service. A technician will connect to your PC remotely and provide computer repair through your broadband internet connection. We can connect to your computer anywhere in the World, from our location in Austin Texas.  Get your computer fixed for just $50!  More..

2. On Site Computer Repair: When you need computer service in the Austin Texas area, a certified technician will come to your home or business. Services are by appointment at the customer's convenience. More...

3. In Shop Computer Repair: Bench service is a low cost alternative for those able to drop off their computer when hands on service is necessary. More...


  • If you need fast, reliable computer service, we're your people.
  • We can help you with your old computer, or build you a brand new one.
  • We can help you maintain your current network, or help you establish a new one.
  • We can get your data backed up, or we can get rid of it forever.
  • Some of the best rates, for some of the best service
  • If you've got questions, we'll get you the answers.

Arctic IT Solutions Computer Repair Service Options

OnLine Remote Computer Repair Service:

What do you do when your computer is just running so slow you want to pull your hair out? What do you do when your files are scrambled or programs just won't load right? Can't get your email? Printer won't print!!! Well, you can unplug everything and transport it all to the computer repair shop OR you can arrange for an On Site technician OR you can skip the hassle and extra expense and get it fixed online with Arctic IT Solutions Remote Computer Service. As recognized by most computer repair professionals, computer problems are usually software related. Your computer could be running slow due to a computer virus, spyware or malware issue. Programs may be hanging because a file has become corrupted. Your email or browser settings may have been inadvertently reset or changed. Your printer drivers may be out of date. These and many more issues can be resolved with On Line repair. With your authorization and just a few clicks of your mouse, a certified repair technician can remotely connect to and repair your computer through your broadband internet connection. Although it is not necessary for you to be present once the connection is made, you are welcome to watch along while the technician returns your computer and it's operating system to it's normal speed and function. Even if your internet connection is down, call us anyway. We can often help you reconnect to get started. It doesn’t matter where you are, we provide On Line computer repair remotely to anyone in the USA from our shop in Austin Texas. Whether you need a computer repaired in the Austin, TX area or anywhere Nationwide in the USA. On Line repair is secure, fast, affordable and backed by our "no fix, no pay" guarantee. We encourage you to give it a try. It's risk free!

On Site Computer Repair Service

We are happy to visit you On Site in your home or business. You won't have to take a day off work to wait for a service technician when you call Arctic IT Solutions. We schedule all appointments at the customer's convenience around your work or family schedule. We'll even arrange to be there on weekends or holidays if emergency service is needed. Call us when you need computer repair in Austin, TX.

In Shop Computer Repair Service:

When you need hands on service for your computer, but don't want or need an On Site visit, Arctic IT Solutions bench service is a great alternative. Perhaps your PC is old and you can't justify another overpriced computer repair. We go out of our way to find affordable hardware or other innovations to keep your cost down. Just call to schedule a drop off time and get directions to our shop located in Austin, Texas. Computer repair on the bench will get your computer running like new in no time while keeping your wallet in tack.

Home or Business

Whether you need help setting up your new home or business computer, full computer repair, data recovery, a tune up, upgrade or virus removal, or network and internet assistance, we can help. At Arctic IT Solutions we fully understand that computer services can often be expensive and inconvenient.  We want to make computer support affordable for everyone and get you back up and running.  Our shop is in located in our Austin home allowing us to keep our overhead low. This allows us to offer our customers the best repair rates in town and the flexibility to serve our customers at their convenience. Just give us a call and we will assess your needs and help you choose the right computer repair service option. In addition to On Site and In Shop service we are now able to provide On Line computer repair which allows us to fix your computer remotely anywhere in the USA from our Anchorage AK location through your broadband connection. We are always happy to give you a free assessment and discuss your needs. Call us today 877-456-7524.