Prepairing For A Remote Support Session

Download our Remote Support Tool

To Start the process Click the Download Picture on the right. During the process you will download our personal Team Viewer File. Once downloaded you will have to run the executable file.

After install Myself or a tech will be able to initiate a secure connect to your computer.  You will still need to grant us access in order to start working.


TeamViewer liability disclaimer

You are about to establish a shared pc session with a Arctic IT Solutions support staff member.

Please Note: By starting the TeamViewer Software, you automatically acknowledge our liability exclusion statement regarding the use of TeamViewer.

Arctic IT Solutions does not accept any liability for lost data or any installed programs on your computer, including any computer protection (firewall or virus scanner). Data security is the sole responsibility of the customer. Liability is restricted to intent and gross negligence.

Arctic IT Solutions accepts no liability for faults for which it is not responsible, even if they occur around the time when the support is provided.

By continuing and downloading Teamviewer via the link below, you hereby confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the online support and start the TeamViewer software.

Please note that this service is only available during our business hours subject to prior arrangement by telephone with our support staff.

The Technician cannot access your PC without your express consent.
The Technician cannot collaborate with you without your express consent.
No third-party programs will be installed on your PC without your express consent.
It is not possible for data to be removed from your PC unnoticed and without authorization.
You can end the shared session at any time.

Question & Answers

A. If you are looking for convenience and you want to save your money when you need computer repair, it doesn't get any better than this. According to industry statistics, over 90% of computer issues don't require hands on service. Why endure the bother of unplugging and packing up your computer for a trip to the computer shop or the scheduling issues involved in waiting at home for an expensive on site technician when we can provide the service you need immediately upon connection. Just make the call, we'll have your computer humming in no time.

A. With your permission, through our secure, encrypted screen sharing service we are able to connect remotely to your computer through your broadband connection. You start by calling us to speak with a technician who will guide you through the setup for the connection. Once you authorize and connect, you will see the technician take control of your cursor and move through the necessary steps to assess the situation and provide the service you need. If you choose, you can even watch along as the technician removes viruses, fixes corrupted files, sets up a new printer and many other services that don’t require a hands on visit.

A. Many computer services can be done remotely such as...


  • Virus removal, spyware and other malware removal
  • Tune ups to optimize your computer to get back the speed you once enjoyed
  • Identify and correct issues with corrupt files and operating system errors
  • Install software or repair software issues for business, productivity and other personal software
  • Setup printers, routers, external hard drives, monitors, cameras and other peripherals or repair malfunctioning connections
  • Configure or solve issues with e-mail, browsers, social networking, iTunes and other services
  • Backup system or files including financial, correspondence, homework, music, photos and more
  • One on one tutorial or Q&A with technician to answer your questions or learn how to enhance the use of your computer

A. To get On Line computer service you will need a working broadband internet connection. If your connection is down, a technician can help you get it fixed over the phone. Terms and Conditions of Arctic IT Solutions Remote Access Repair Service will be available before connection. Certain terms of service may apply.

A. The remote control session is initiated from the customer's computer. Only the customer can authorize and start the session. All sessions in progress are security encrypted. If the connection is lost or terminated at the completion of work, the technician nor anyone else can access your computer again unless the customer reauthorizes and reconnects a new session.

A. You will need to be of legal age. and have a valid credit card to pay at the conclusion of the service provided. We accept all major credit cards through Paypal. Other payment options including payment by check if discussed and agreed upon by technician prior to connection. Best of all, you have our guarantee that if we don't fix it, you don't pay!